Wool Dryer Ball

Wool Dryer Ball

Moss Creek Wool Works Dryer Ball | Grey
		Hand Made in Canada
		Save time and money
		Reduces drying time, which saves on electricity
		Helps to preserve the lifespan of your clothing
		No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them
		Each ball is hand crafted using only Merino, Polworth or Corriedale wool - depending on the colour.
		They are tested to last for 500+ loads
		Simply store them in your dryer between loads.
		Natural grey colour (no dye)
		3 per load recommended, up to 6 for very bulky items
		Price is per dryer ball

Wash them every 50 loads by placing in mesh laundry bag or panty hose. It helps to "recharge" them

Or you can attach a safety pin to them.

Missing a scent? Add a few drops of essential oil to each ball and toss in your laundry load. 
  • Low Waste Tips

    This is a great low to zero waste option. Once finished you can put this product directly into the compost !

    These are all natural and replace the need for both dryer sheets AND fabric softner. 

    These will arrive with no packaging.

  • Simplicity Tip

    Plan and simple design that works. 

    Simply store in your dryer inbetween uses. 

    Add your choice of essential oils to the balls to add scent if desired.

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