Mason Jar Pump

Mason Jar Pump


Mason Jar Lid: PUMP



Stainless Pump Lid

For way more than just soap!

Fill With:

*shampoos *conditioners *face cleansers *lotions *bath products *body wash *liquid laundry detergents and softeners *toothpaste *coffee syrups

 Each Lid Includes:
One Stainless Steel Pump Lid

(Jar Not Included)


Size:  Regular Mouth, 70mm, 2 3/4", 70/400, G70

  • Low Waste Tips

    Use a pump lid like this one allows you to better disperse your product, allowing for less waste. 

    Made from stainless steel, majority of the pump can easily be recycled

    The plastic parts are recycable in most municipalities, but contact your local area to confirm.

  • Simplicity Tip

    A lid like this one allows you to use your own mason jar for your product, avoiding labels and advertising found on most product. 

    In addition, a pump is a natural measuring system, which allows you to know what works best. That could be 2 pumps of cream, or 5 pumps of laundry detergent for a full load etc.  

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