Bathroom Self Care

Bathroom Self Care

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The Simple Concept shop has put together this "In the shower" bundle to help you get started reducing waste in the bath or shower while still getting all the body care you need!


Of course we need to start with Shampoo & Conditioner! There are three options here, all being delivered via mason jar to reduce plastic and allow for refills again and again! Option 1 would be ONEKA's Cedar & Sage which smells amazing without being overpowering. Option 2 is a well known brand - Carina Organic's in their sweet pea scent. Or you can go the unscented route with option 3: The Unscented Company. 


Next up, the basic bar of soap! Everyone needs a bar of soap :) This one is also by The Unscented Company. It will clean your skin without drying it out. 


We then have some pampering treats. You get to choose between Bath Salts or Eucalyptus Shower Melts! 

Add the bath salts to any bath and lay back to enjoy the spa aroma and let the epsom salts do their work! 

Simply put one of the shower melts in your shower, away from direct water and the steam releases an amazing eucalyptus vapour. 


Finally, a pumice is almost summer and we need to get those feet ready with all our spas currently closed. This pumice stone is an all natural volcanic rock from Vancouver, BC. 


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