How Too Much Choice is a Bad Thing

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Have you seen the TED talk called "The Paradox of Choice" yet? - It is linked below.

I would highly recommend watching it. It is worth the full 20 minute talk.

Barry Schwartz does a great job in explaining what too much choice has done to us individually and as a society. With so much choice, we are left forever doubting our decision, always wondering if we did, in fact, make the "right" choice.

Even more so, we can find ourselves making no decision at all because the sheer number of choices freezes us in our tracks. It isn't just in the number of products, but the number of retailers who sell those products.

As a result, I feel that as a society we have lost a lot of our customer loyalty. We have so much choice, we can find ourselves moving from one thing to the next, trying out yet another new product or service. The problem is that we don't end up eliminating decisions from our lives but instead adding to them. We end up wasting money trying products that don't end up working, or that we don't like, or that we never really needed in the first place.

Sticking with a company and product you like and not moving from one to another, can help simplify your life. Ideally, it is a small business, so you are supporting someone directly and not big CEOs. At the end of the day, streamline what you have in your life including your purchases.

Building loyalty and credibility as customers matters. It results in better deals, stronger community relationships and a more pleasant experience overall (especially if it is a small business). Connecting with a small business is putting your money to work. It isn't just providing you with the products you love, but providing direct income to one or a handful of people. There are 5 levels of customer service to go through just to get an answer to your question or receive the help you need. Customers deserve better service.

We will continue to talk more about how to streamline, and also how to reduce the number of things in your life, and therefore decisions to have to make. Right now, I want you to watch this great video and learn about how too much choice can be detrimental to our well-being.

Let me know what you think of the video below in the comments:

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