Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions are you taking in terms of COVID-19?
- keeping handling of products, refilling etc. to one person: Me!
- washing my hands before, during and after 
- sanitizing containers, jars and lids before and after
- we are not currently using our full tag labeling system and instead are currently using a printed receipt with a legend system to help keep you safe but also reduce our waste *during regular service you can also OPT OUT of labels
- we are not picking up any empty jars right now, please hold onto them and when things settle, we will pick up
- we are providing contact free delivery. We will deliver your order to your door and leave it at your door. We will send you an email to let you know that your delivery has arrived.
- visit our Video page under "Connect" to see our material on sanitizing and more
Why is there a $35 order minimum?
In order for us to justify delivering product to you, we need to ensure that the impact you are going to make from your changes is bigger than the environmental impact we make by driving. In addition, to offset our carbon emissions, we plant a tree for every 3 orders you make! $35 also includes your jar deposits, so often that money is a deposit and can be refunded. 
But I don't need $35 worth of product, what do I do?
You have a few options:
1. You can stock up on something that you normally run out of quickly
2. You could see if a family member or friend wants to receive some of the product and split the delivery up with you
3. You could purchase gifts for upcoming birthdays or celebrations
4. You could order less and select a porch pick up - there is no minimum order for pick ups
What if I am not done with my jars on my next delivery day?
No problem. Hold onto your jars for as long as you need, and return them on whatever delivery day you are ready. There is no expiry date for returning your jars and receiving your deposit back. 
What do I do with my jars when they arrive?
First, make sure you know what product is what. You will either have a full label on each jar, or you have chosen to OPT OUT of LABELS and have small stickers with numbers. Those numbers will correspond to your order form to let you know what is what. 
Then, you can decide if you want to use the product right from the jar, or transfer it to your own bottle / jar / container. 
We have some great mason jar lid transformers (pump, spray, pour) to make it easy for you.
Or if you are transferring product to your own container, we recommend using a funnel to help with the transfer, and a baking spatula is excellent for getting out every last bit!
Check out our Adapters + Containers section for all of these products. (The transformer lids only work for our 473ml and 1L jars)
I am out of the delivery area, but really close, can I still participate?
We want to try and have as many people join us on their journey, however, we only have so much time while we are starting out to make deliveries. That being said, we ask that you still email us at to discuss it. We will do our best to organize our deliveries in a way that we can fit you in! If you want in, we are happy to have you :)
Or another option would be to join with a friend or family member who is close by and they can accept the delivery. 
Or another option to order and select porch pick up. 
When do you deliver?
Check out our delivery page for upcoming delivery dates. We deliver every Monday.
Do I have to be home for the delivery?
Nope. It is great if you are, however, we have a large delivery range (10am - 9pm) and we do not expect people to be home that entire time waiting for their delivery. Therefore, we are happy to leave your order outside your front door. If you prefer it to be left in alternative location, please email us your request.
Don't forget to leave out your bag and empties! 
Still have more questions? Email us at
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